Blame it On Rio 4 Travel Robbed Twice

Blame it on Rio 4 Travel has been a Copacabana mainstay for over a decade. They have recently endured two robberies and say they have no working capital.

Here is a video posted by the owner, Bobby, requesting financial help from loyal customers and friends.

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It is time to vote for the 2015 Miss Bum Bum Brazil

Here is the form to vote NOW for the 2015 Miss Bum Bum Brazil.

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English Teachers Needed Outside Rio and São Paulo

Places to live. The third string.

Cities an hour away from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro are good choices. São Paulo state is a wise choice to start because that is where the growth is. This state is responsible for the majority of the national GDP! Lots of industrial companies. Many are multinationals where employees need English for advancement.

A bus ride into the big city is around R30 or $10 roundtrip. Trains are even less expensive but take longer. So, you can go to Rio or São Paulo on weekends.

When it comes to teaching positions you do not have to face the intense competition in Rio and the semi-tough environment in São Paulo city.

Make money and connections, then move into the big city. Anybody telling you otherwise probably never lived here.

Remember, these cities are large by our standards, at least 500,000 people. You will find schools concentrated four to a block. Lots of students. Choose one school and apply. The best times are January and July.


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Why You Might Want to Think About Buying PetroBras Stock Now

Well, I have been down in Brazil for a while. Sorry for not writing more. One thing I have been doing is visiting the stock exchange in Sao Paulo to get a feel for the economic vibe. Things are not as fast-paced as they are in New York, but it is still a good scene. Just take the metro to Sao Bento station and walk a block to the Bovespa Futures Exchange.

While there grab a Portuguese dessert at Casa Mathilde. Delicious.

I would also encourage everyone to begin thinking about reinvesting in PetroBras (PBR), the Brazilian oil giant. Yes, I know they are involved in a corruption scandal. But, that is one reason why I believe the time to buy is now, rather than later.

Here is why I think people should give PBR a chance.


  • PBR is a semi-public company. President Getulio Vargas founded PetroBras back in 1953. The company is closely connected with the Brazilian government. Of course, this mixing of public and private agendas has caused problems. Politicians running an oil company is probably not the best idea. However, the reality is that the Brazilian government will not let PBR fail. In the USA, we had “too big to fail” companies. Down here in Brazil, PBR is “too national to fail.”
  • The stock price is low for a good reason. Investors dumped PBR stock when the company received poor ratings from financial analysts. American accounting firms refused to sign off on the books sent to them by PBR executives. Everyone knew the PBR financial records were phony. The stock has gone from highs of 80 down to single digits. At this time, it has risen, wow, to $9 per share. That price is a steal for an oil company that will not fail. At some point, the executives who caused the damage will have to go, then the company will return to legitimacy. The price will then shoot up. It is better to buy now at $9, then at $50 or $80. The stock is going up slowly. I am sure rich investors are quietly buying chunks. That is why they are rich.
  • Oil is still one of our most valuable commodities. For better or worse, most of the world powers its motors with oil. Until an alternative energy source proves more efficient, oil will remain a commodity of high importance. It will be so during the remainder of most of our lifetimes.


Disclaimer-Be aware that all financial investments involve risk. It is up to each investor to themselves decide if they can handle potential losses.

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How to get a CPF

CPFIn Brazil,to do any financial transactions beyond the most basic things, you will need a CPF. This card is the equivalent of the American social security number. However, they use it for much more in Brazil. For example, you need one to purchase a cell phone plan or car.   Getting one is not as complicated as made out to be in internet forums. I think some folks enjoy causing confusion. To be honest, most of the paperwork I have completed in Brazil has been handled efficiently. The CPF process was no different. In all, I would say from start to finish it took me about an hour. And, that means TOTAL TIME!  

  1. I went to this site ( and completed the form. It took me about 15 minutes only because I thought “voter district” meant zip code. You do not need to put a zip code. Just leave the ‘voter district” blank.

  click country (USA or wherever), hit submit, then click registration (if first CPF), then fill out everything but “voter district”. You need a Brazilian address. They will mail the final card there. However, you receive the number as a printout at the station. That is really all you need.   After you fill out this form hit submit again. This time you get a bar code form to print out. Print it.  

  1. Take the bar code form to either a post office (Correios) or the Banco do Brasil. Trust me, it is easier at the post office (Correios) because the lines are shorter. If you go to a Brazilian bank you will wish you had not. LOL!

  Just grab a number and then wait. When called, take the form to the attendant and say, “pago CPF”.  They will understand you. You only pay R5.80! A small amount. They give you a receipt.  

3. Take the receipt and print out to the Receita Federal (Tax Authority)nearest you.There you grab a number and wait until called. Go early in the morning to be first in line. Usually 7am. They give you the CPF print in about 5 minutes. All of this took me under an hour.

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Pixote is the Brazil Travel Center Movie of the Week. Watch Now!

This moving story of street children in Brazil is based on real life stories. This engaging film will keep your attention to the end. Remember, these are real children and their stories.

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Beija-Flor wins the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval competition.

The Beija-Flor samba school captured the 2015 Rio de Janeiro Carnaval championship yesterday. They did so despite of the controversy about their parade floats depicting aspects of African some found disconcerting.

Well, in two months, we begin another season of practicing for the 2016 Carnaval. Hope to see you in Rio!

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