2018 Official Samba Salgueiro!

Salgueiro Samba School announced its samba song for the 2018 Carnaval in mid-October. The school will emphasize African motherhood during its parade in Rio de Janeiro!


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Orson Welles in Brazil

Famed American film director Orson Welles, whose Citizen Kane is still considered the top movie of all time, came to Brazil in 1942. He began a film about the conditions in Latin America but was unable to finish it.

Funded by the Rockefellers, It’s All True proved very influential. In fact, the segment on the hazardous conditions faced by small Brazilian fishing men, known as jangadeiros, propelled President Getulio Vargas to call on Congress to provide them with full social security and other benefits.

You can check out Four Men in a Raft here

We cannot find It’s All True in full. online yet.

The three segments are

1.)”My Friend Bonito” shot in Mexico in 1941.

2.) “The Story of Samba,” set in Rio de Janeiro

3.) the aforementioned “Jangadeiros” or “Four Men on a Raft”.

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Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2017 to be Chosen November 6

The woman chosen to have the best bum bum in all of Brazil will be announced on November 6, 2017, in Sao Paulo. Here are all of the candidates. One from every state.



Based on votes from the public, only 15 will make it to the final round in Sao Paulo.

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The Imperatriz Official Samba for 2018 Carnaval

Imperatriz, a top performer in Rio´s annual Carnival compeition, has announced its official samba for 2018! Check out the announcement and all the excitement:

Keep track of everything Carnaval here on the Brazil Travel Center website.

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Big Business, Brazilian Style

There is lots of gloom and doom talk about Brazil these days. The nation that seemed prepared to join the ranks of the top elite economies just a few years ago has suddenly spiraled downward to virtually no GDP growth. The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games failed to generate any real improvements. In fact, Rio de Janeiro has found itself suffering from unrestrained violence and a lack of police presence since the Games, forcing the government to call in the Army to help restore order.

For these reasons, and more, it has become fashionable to “Brazil Bash.” Yet, do not give up hope. Brazil has much in its favor and remains a top 10 global economy. And, some Brazilians are making power moves that are indicative of where the nation as a whole may well soon be. For example, billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann has positioned himself to become one of the top ten richest men in the world.

His company, 3G Capital, owns or controls Heinz, Kraft, AMinBev (including Budweiser), Burger King, and other popular brands. Lemann keeps good company, having teamed with Warren Buffett on the Heinz deal.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1939, Lemann grew up enjoying the carioca (nickname for the city`s residents) life of sun and fun. He attended Harvard University in the USA but initially found the institution a bit stuffy, preferring the laidback culture of his beloved Rio. Nevertheless, Lemann buckled down and managed to graduate. This type of tenacity also made Lemann a five-time Brazilian tennis champion and carried him to Wimbledon, the most prestigious tournament in the world.

Unfortunately, a 1999 kidnap attempt on his children forced him to relocate permanently to Switzerland. There, he runs his businesses while maintaining constant contact with his partners in Brazil and the USA.

Lemann`s net worth sits currently at $31.6 billion, according to Forbes.


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Live Free Abroad Cryptocurrency ebook

Got crypto and want to move abroad? This ebook is for people who work online, trade cryptocurrencies, teach English, etc., and are ready to make the move to another culture.

To order via Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin, just send an email to inglesbrasil05@gmail.com. Tell us your method of preferred payment (BTC, LTC or DOGE) and we will respond with your unique payment voucher.

The ebook link will be sent via email as soon as we receive payment.


0.08 Litecoins (LTC)

0.001 Bitcoins (BTC)

5000 Dogecoins (DOGE)

You learn:

Table of Contents

Introduction. What is Freedom?

Working and Earning Income

  1.    Internet Marketing
  2.    Teaching
  3.    Copywriting
  4.    Binary Options (currency) Trading
  5.    Preaching, Weddings, Baptisms
  6.   Travel Agent

III. Where to Live?

  1.    Brazil
  2.    Colombia
  3.    Japan
  4.    Mexico
  5.    Dominican Republic
  6.    Costa Rica

Communicating with home



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2018 Carnival Songs

We will be posting all of the official Rio Samba school songs over the next few days and when they become available.

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