Monaco, French Riviera

Since we will be spending the next weeks focusing on Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, I thought it would be nice to spend a little time writing about another dream destination: Monaco.

Yes, Monaco, the playground of the rich, can be visited for less than you think.  You can stay in hotels 5 minutes walk from the famous Monte Carlo Casino for around US$70/night.  Staying in Monaco proper is quite expensive, to say the least.  Instead, it is preferable to stay in the French town of Beausoleil, which is a 5  minutes walk up the hill from the casino.  From most of the hotels there you will have nice views of Monaco.  In Beausoleil you will find people who work in Monaco and tourists who want to be in the world famous French Riviera without the extraordinary costs.

Recommended spots are The Hotel Azur:

Also, try Hotel Villa Boeri,, which is 10 minutes walk from the casino. Rooms have TV, A/C, and phones.  You also get breakfast brought to your room in bed for around US$12.

Last, consider the Hotel Diana.
When in Monaco, you should visit Stars and Bars, where the cool people hang out.  This is a place where locals go and the rich and famous stop by to pretend they are not rich and famous.

Check out the panaromic view of the place here:

Take a look at the terrace view, it is awesome!


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