Tijuana, Mexico report

The border line was VERY short yesterday, partly because they had the drug sniffing dogs out.  I got questioned by an officer, which made me a little angry. I hate when they ask you what you do for a living!  It is none of their business!  There is no doubt that the officers abuse their authority to pry into people’s business.  Women and racial minorities are especially targeted.  When they ask me I give a general title, such as “researcher”. 

General port of entry warnings:

You should also be careful when travelling to and from certain destinations.  If going to Brazil, try to avoid Houston and Miami.  In both places immigration agents are known for harassing travellers to Brazil.  In Houston, some Hispanic agents routinely question African American travellers about reasons for going to Brazil and about occupation.  I have seen the same agents look for African Americans getting off the plane.  Some people I know claim they are just interested in how you can afford to go to Brazil and what you did there, but again it is none of their business.

In Miami, there is a similar bias against people going to Brazil.   And, if you are going to Cuba, DO NOT FLY OUT OF MIAMI.  They will treat you badly.

Atlanta is the best port of entry to and from Brazil.   The agents are professional and demonstrate no bias.


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