**2010 Brazilian Soccer Championship begins May 8**

Maracana Stadium, the 100,000+ seat soccer stadium in Rio de Janeiro, will close in August 2010 for renovations for the 2014 World Cup. If you want to experience soccer at this world known stadium you need to do it before August.  Watching a soccer game in Rio is quite an experience.  Brazilians are very passionate about their teams, and the sport in general.  Do try to get seats in a section with a covering, as people are known to throw cups of urine at fans of other teams.  Generally, all of this hazing is done in fun (though it may be fun to get hit with urine) and nobody gets hurt.  Whole families attend the matches and it is relatively safe.

Here is some information taken from  Patricia Ribeiro, a Brazilian travel guide: 

CBF (the Brazilian Soccer Confederation) announced today that the Brazilian Soccer Championship 2010 will open with three games on Saturday, May 8. It’s no wonder the Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol is also known as Brasileirão (the “Big Brazilian”). The competition features 40 teams in two divisions (“Série A” and “Série B”), playing hundreds of games until the last round ends on Dec.5.

This year, the championship will have a pause from June 6 to July 14 because of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Here are the 20 teams that will compete in the main division (“Série A”) this Brasileirão:

To see the full schedule for the first phase of games, open this CBF page and click on “Veja a Tabela da Série A”.


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