Hollywood on a Thursday afternoon

I woke up a little late today and thought about canceling my trip to LA. But, after reconsideration I realized that I might as well go, especially since Amtrak was giving a free trip after the purchase of a $50 ticket. My ticket was $60 so I get a free trip in the near future.

The ride on Amtrak through southern California is very picturesque. The train allows you to see the beach and the nice expensive beachside “cottages”. You also come to the realization that many people live in these beach communities. There are lots of joggers, bikers, and swimmers out and about. Nice work if you can get it, as Billie Holliday used to say!

I arrived at Union Station in downtown LA around 11:30am and had to walk the five blocks to Our Lady of The Angels Cathedral for the 12:10pm Mass.  You can also take the metro redline to Civic Center station. The Cathedral is huge taking up a whole city block. There is a plaza with a restaurant, gift shop, and a museum.

Gregory Peck, the actor, lays in rest here!

Our Lady of Angels is the third largest Cathedral!

Hollywood itself was alive with action. I took the metro red line, $1.25/ each way, and got off at the Hollywood And Vine Station, which is right in the middle of Hollywood.   The names of stars, past and present, line the streets.  There are lots of pretty women, too.   It is obvious the dream of making it in Hollywood has not faded for many people.  Oh yeah, I honestly think I saw Kim Kardashian driving a Mercedes!



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