Top Ten Ways to Learn Portuguese

Top Ten Ways to Learn Portuguese

Posted by rachel

Here are the top ten ways you can learn Portuguese, on and offline. Do you have any other ways you use to learn?

10. Read Portuguese blog every day and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

9. Create your own BYKI list, or use existing lists to learn Portuguese vocabulary.

8. Find interesting Brazilians to follow on Twitter, and get a constant flow of Portuguese all day. The more exposed you are to the language, the more likely you are to remember new words.

7. Buy a Portuguese-English dictionary, or find a free one online. Then, read Brazilian newspapers and magazines online. The more you read, the more you can expand your vocabulary.

6. Try one of Transparent’s Portuguese courses, or take a Portuguese class at your university or local language school to learn some grammar and practice speaking.

5. Listen to music in Portuguese as much as possible – whether it’s bossa nova, MPB, rock, or sertanejo, there’s something for everyone!

4. Set a goal to learn five new words every day. You can learn at least one a day with the Portuguese Word of the Day.

3. Watch movies, TV shows, and videos in Portuguese – whatever you can get your hands on! YouTube has plenty of resources, and if you have Netflix, you can find plenty of Brazilian movies.

2. Make friends with Brazilians, either in your city or even online. The more you speak, listen, read, and write, be it over drinks or by IM, the easier it will be to pick up words and grammar.

1. Plan a trip to Brazil to study or travel!


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