Drama no Rio (Drama in Rio) | Olhar Sobre o Mundo

Drama no Rio | Olhar Sobre o Mundo.

Massive amounts of rain produced mudslides and flooding in Rio de Janeiro today. Click the link above to see pictures.

We had a 7.2 earthquake in LA and San Diego on Sunday but there was only one death. 7.2 was much stronger than the earthquake in Haiti. It is obvious that the California building codes, as well as the general infrastructure, protected our lives and property. The poor in Third World nations such as Brazil and Haiti have no such protection and lose everything.

There are some who do not consider Brazil to be a Third World nation. I can understand the confusion. When you visit Copacabana or Ipanema you see the privileged live rather decent lifes. But for the vast majority of people in Brazil, life is much more precarious. Very few Americans ever visit a favela (ghetto) or the Amazon and can only speak on the nicest areas of certain cities.


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