Daiquiri Place Cafe – New Orleans, LA

Daiquiri Place Cafe – New Orleans, LA.
I found this place a few years ago and it still is a favorite among locals and tourists.
The location is right on the St. Charles Streetcar line, about 2 blocks past Lee Square as you leave downtown.  They make really delicious daiquiris with a very high alcohol content.  There are always locals in the place but never a long wait, just a few seconds.  Most locals get their order and drink it “on the go.”  Apparently there is no “open container” law in New Orleans because people walk and drive while sipping on daiquiris.

The prices are about half what you pay in the French Quarter (tourist traps!). 

Large $7.25

Regular $5.25

Small $4.25

I had the regular “Blue Orgasm,” drank it and sat there watching the college football games.  I went in around 2pm and was drunk until 10pm when I went to bed.  And, this is the second difference between this place and the French Quarter establishments: you get what you pay for in terms of alcohol content!

KFC, Popeyes, and Walgreens nearby.


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