US Airways

I have to be brutally honest here: Do not fly this airline. US Airways is a budget airline with major airline prices. You realize they are a budget operation only when you attempt to get a problem solved. They no longer have any phone agents in the US; that’s right, if you call US Airways you have to talk to agents in India. These agents read from a set of rules and refuse to do anything for you.

Yesterday, US Airways somehow made a transaction on my credit card purchasing 8,000 frequent flyer miles; I did not make this purchase. This transaction drained my credit balance causing me problems with my hotel reservation.

I could not make the award flight I had booked with US Airways because of the problems with the hotel and now US Airways refuses to either refund the frequent flyer miles or provide me a refund for the $115 I spent in fees booking my “free” frequent flyer flight! The agents keep reading from their script saying, “Sir, you have 8,000 miles credited to your account, and they are nonrefundable.” But I never bought those miles!

Tomorrow I am just going to book a flight on Delta, a real airline, and arrive in California earlier than I would have on US Airways! Yes, I am out about $300, and 40,000 frequent flyer miles, but the lesson was learned, and well: DO NOT FLY US AIRWAYS!


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