Flight out of Brazil

I bought a ticket on the Brazilian airline Tam, leaving Rio for Sao Paul on Saturday night.  I and about 10 other foreigners were on the plane.  The flight was to depart at 8:05, but we noticed it was about 8:15pm and nothing had happened.

Well, the flight attendants kept walking through the cabin, then the pilots.  Then they walked through the cabin handing out caramels, but in reality they were looking at passengers. They fairly ignored me, almost barely handing me a caramel…

Then at around 8:30pm, a flight attendant walked through and not too loudly stated that anybody with connections in Sao Paulo for Atlanta and a few other US cities, needs to deplane.   She did not make the announcement over the intercom and I almost missed her call because I was reading an article.

Anyway, once we were off the plane they suddenly shut the plane doors and left us at the gate.  Nobody explained what had happened. They just let us believe they were going to have a separate plan going directly to Atlanta. But, as we noted, there were only 11 of us, and how could a Brazilian airline afford such a  cost.

They then took us into the airport and began speaking “rapid fire” Portuguese.  I caught very little of what was being said.  But, I did hear them say “lots of weapons”.

Then they informed us that we  had been taken off because they had found a cache of weapons onboard!!!!

I am not sure why they kept all of the Brazilian nationals on the plane, but they did.

I had to catch another flight out, which was on Continental.


TO be continued…………………..


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