What is going on?! ANOTHER American dies in Rio de Janiero

Today, another American (US) found dead in Brazil.  This time the death took place in upscale Ipanema Beach.  Here is the article link straight from Brazil:


I will be checking to verify the information.

Here is an English translation:

American tourist found dead in hotel Ipanema


Rio – The American tourist Lutile Christopher Alan, 43, was found dead in room at the Hotel Sol Ipanema, Zona Sul, on the afternoon of Tuesday. Experts from the Institute of Criminology Carlos Eboli (ICCE) collected utensils, cups and cutlery from, and electronic equipment, personal objects and documents for examination of the victim.

According to police the Police Special Tourist Service (Deat), there are no signs of violence on the body of Christopher and the room where he was staying. Police working with two scenarios: sudden illness or suicide.



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2 responses to “What is going on?! ANOTHER American dies in Rio de Janiero

  1. Big game

    Wow this is the 2nd american to die in rio in 3 weeks …guys be better careful

  2. I knew Chris for close to 20 years and am astonished and saddened at our loss of his presence. I had breakfast with him just a week before his death and am 100% sure this was not suicide. Plz keep us updated. I travel to south america myself quite frequently

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