Le Meridien Hotel, a hot spot for action in Rio, now reopened.

Le Meridien Hotel, a fixture on the Copacabana Beach landscape, closed down two years ago.  Mabs Restaurant, a block from the hotel, and a popular spot for tourists and Copacabana singles (as well as families on Sunday) closed down as well last year.  Most frequent visitors to Rio lamented the changes.  Well, the hotel known as Le Meridien reopened on New Years Eve as the Windsor Atlantic.  So that northern area of the beach should be getting more and more tourist friendly in the coming years.

On Copacabana Beach, there are lifeguard stations that provide landmarks to locate oneself.  Posto 1 (station 1) is the northernmost station and is right in front of the Windsor Atlantica.  Prior to 2008 or so, this area was a congregation spot for tourist.  The Meridien Hotel provided some sort of security for the area, which appealed to tourists.

Plus, a few blocks from Posto 1 are various clubs that cater to single tourists.

When hanging out on the beach at Posto 1, be sure to rent a chair and sun umbrella from Flavio.  You know his umbrellas from the “F” written on them.  He is very tourist friendly and charges very fair, inexpensive rental rates.  Just rent a chair and umbrella, then sit around and drink beers all day long!

With the reopening of this Copacabana landmark it seems things are getting back to the way they were before the “real estate” boom/political pressures caused various entities to close down.


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