Making calls while traveling! Skype and Telestial

Long distance calls can be expensive. When travelling, if you have access to a computer it is best to use it to call home. If you are overseas, using the computer to call home is your best option.

Skype is probably the best system. Calls from your computer to another computer are free. Calls from your computer to a phone vary, but inside the US, it is around 2 cents a minute.

Click this link to download skype for free: Skype 4.2 for Windows – Download the latest version of Skype and get free computer calls.

After you download skype just click on the skype icon and a menu table will open up. Go to “add contact” and type in a friend’s email address and if they are on skype their skype name will appear. Click on that name and call them for free.

If you have a webcam you can turn it on and your callers will be able to see you. If they have a webcam you can see them. All of this is free.

If you still need a phone and are travelling internationally, I suggest Telestial. Their phones are relatively inexpensive.
Visit their site here: Click here for more information



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