How to fit in with Brazilians (2011 version continued)

In 2010, I produced a podcast on fitting in with Brazilians.  This post is the second of the 2011 version.  See the first post at:

Activities to participate in when you want to hang out with Brazilians:

1. Watch Formula One racing.  Since F1 racing is not relatively popular in the USA, most Brazilians assume Americans know little about the sport.  The mere mention of the next Grand Prix race, or what happened last week in a race, etc., will surprise your Brazilian friends.  The sport is one of the most exciting and glamorous in the world: high-speed cars, rich sponsors, and beautiful women abound!

2. Watch Brazilian soccer.  As you probably know, soccer infatuates Brazilians.  You can catch the latest games LIVE here on the Brazil Travel Center Blog on most weekends!

3. BE Catholic.  Aside from the fact that being Catholic is good for your soul, the Catholic Church dominates religious life in Brazil.  Around 75% of Brazilians are Catholic, and even more receive baptism in the Church and are nominal Catholics.   Your Brazilian friends will appreciate you attending mass with them.  Or, if your Brazilian friends are in the US and need to know a good Church, you will be able to inform them.

4. Hang out at the beach.  Brazilians go to the beach as much as possible.  For cariocas, residents of Rio de Janeiro, that can mean every day, or at least once a week on Sundays.  The beach is a place to sit around and relax alone or with friends.  And unlike in the USA, Brazilians of all skin colors go to the beach.  So do not hesitate to invite a darker-complexioned Brazilian to the beach!

5. Become beauty conscious.  Brazilians are very appreciative of beauty, both physical beauty and more abstract beauty.  Brazilians are so into beauty that they even demand that their soccer teams play the game in a flamboyant manner to display their talent (the beautiful game, they call it).  Anyway, most Americans will view Brazilians as vain.  The women spend a lot of time making sure they look good before leaving the house.  The women maintain their hair constantly.  Moreover, few Brazilians are over weight.  To put it plainly, if you want to hang out with Brazilians begin some type of work out regime.  But remember Brazilians ENJOY working out, so you should do the same.  Just have a good time attempting to look as good as possible.  It is the effort, not necessarily the result, it seems!

6. Watch Telenovelas. Now watching these soap operas is primarily a female activity, but even men should be aware of the latest hit.


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