Brazilian Funk

When in Rio, you will notice the radios blasting a type of hip-hop/techno music accompanied with rap lyrics.  This musical style is the latest in Brazilian funk music.  In general, funk is any music style related to American R and B or soul music.  Brazilians gave it the name funk because it became popular, in the 70s and 80s, at a time when funk music was popular in America, especially with  African Americans.  However, Rio’s funk scene should not be compared to George Clinton and other American funksters.  Today, funk music is enjoyed throughout Rio but has a close association with the favelas, or ghettos of Rio.

The songs are quite often very explicit about sexuality, drugs, violence, but also chronicle life in the favelas.  In reality, funk is not just music but an urban lifestyle.

Here is a popular TV show where many of Rio’s funk stars perform:


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