Surviving in Rio de Janeiro

This past Sunday, I walked through the weekly open air market in Copacabana.  There is one each Sunday, and another on Thursday.  Venders sell fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers, and more.  I spent about 10R, which is about $6US, and got sardines, strawberries, 12 bananas, and coconut juice.  The prices are much lower than what you find inside grocery stores in Copacabana.

What I realized was that a single person could buy enough food to survive on for one week in Rio for about 20R-30R.  Of course, this hypothetical person would still have to buy water and a few other essentials from time-to-time, but one could certainly purchase enough fruit and meat to last over a week.   I now perceive how Brazilians can afford to live in a nation that over the years tends to suffer from fairly high prices relative to the average income.


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