Cristiane Alves is the Queen of Salgueiro samba school for the 2012 carnival!

On Friday, October 28, officials of the Salgueiro samba school chose mulata Christiane Alves the Queen of the school for the 2012 carnival. Alves stated that this, being the samba queen, has been a lifelong dream. Salgueiro has long been known for choosing world famous dancers to represent the school, so Alves is in good company.

Aleves stated after winning the competition, “”This has been my desire since I was a child. I was born and raised in the world of samba and danced for many years. Who is the samba dancer who has no dreams of being queen of the carnival or Queen of the drum corps? I’m no different, strut for 35 years, was born within one block. I think I am opening doors for more dancers to have courage and challenge the samba directors to allow them to make the cut. I mean the samba dancers and the samba court, not for the catwalk the carnival queen contest. This contest is more glamorous, more elegance, but I say and I repeat: every dancer can make the cut and be the carnival queen or queen of battery. it’s time for the [samba] schools to start investing in it.”


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