Weekend in Memphis and the Mississippi delta

The old saying is that the Mississippi Delta, that land where cotton was King and a rich cultural mixes of African, European, and Native American influences exists, begins at the front door of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.
Well, this weekend, The Brazil Travel Center sends one of its correspondents to Memphis and Mississippi to survey the areas.

In Memphis we will try out the famous Barbecue (BBQ) restaurants. Memphis is known for its slow cooked BBQ ribs that can be had either wet or dry. Wet ribs are smothered in sauce, while dry ribs are cooked with a spices rubbed on! The usual cooking time is seven hours.

Check out this Travel Channel special on Memphis BBQ:

We will also spend some time in Mississippi, where over the last years there has developed a booming casino gambling industry. The word is that the casinos stand where plantations once stood! Cotton may not be King any longer, but making money still reigns supreme in the Delta!


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