Casino Gambling in Mississippi

The casinos are open for business but most people are doing other things. Most of the non-casino hotels are virtually empty; this is not hyperbole, there were no cars at all in the parking lots of the Tunica Microtel and the Tunica Quality Inn last night. Similarly, the craps tables in my casino seem to average only about three players maximum per game.

Regardless fun is being had.

The casinos offer a vast array of games, as well as dining options. The buffets can be a bit pricey; the one in my hotel/casino was $24 for dinner! The food was excellent. Beer is pricey too at $5 per beer (domestic). I made a run to the local gas station and stocked up on a 12 pack for $15 (1.25/per), which was still relatively expensive but less so than in the casino. All drinks are free while gambling.

The casinos are located quite often on the old plantations. It is a bit haunting to think that slaves actually lived and worked in the fields where you are standing! Today, I walked along the road and marveled at the long stretches of fields. I will add photos later.


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