More drama from Rio (charges of racism filed against Salgueiro’s Viviane Aruajo)

Perhaps Samba Queens should also be referred to as drama queens because there is more than enough drama coming out of Rio each Carnival season to create a telenovela (soap opera).

Last week, Gracyanne Barbosa, of the Tijuca samba school, charged Viviane “Vivi” Araujo (Salgueiro) of racism. For those unfamiliar with Brazilian law, racism is illegal. So the battle will be fought in the courts.

Gracyanne Barbosa filed the complaint with Police Precinct 42 in western Rio de Janeiro. The charges claim Araujo referred to Barbosa’s private secretary, Reinaldo Lopes Filho Benedito, as “Black and gay.”
Reinaldo Lopes Filho Benedito also claims Araujo acts strangely whenever he is near her.

Viviane retorts that, “Half my family is black, my grandmother was black. And gays are part of my life ever since. This is an injustice to me.”

Apparently, both Barbosa and Araujo work out at the same gym and see each other frequently. The animosity is thick when these two are in the same room!

Barbosa and Aruajo

Vivi has also counter sued Reinaldo Lopes Filho Benedito claiming he has slandered her name by making false charges of racism public. Vivi also states that yes she DOES act strangely when Benedito approaches. “He’s speaking the truth. I learned that from my family, always invoke God when evil comes, ” Vivi said. OUCH!!

According to Vivi, Benedito just wants to get his 15-minutes of fame at her expense!



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2 responses to “More drama from Rio (charges of racism filed against Salgueiro’s Viviane Aruajo)

  1. looks like some playa hatin goin on…

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