Vivi Araujo’s childhood photos

Current Sexy magazine centerfold, and former Playboy centerfold, Viviane “Vivi” Araujo released photos from her childhood two days ago.  Araujo, who is now a queen of Salgueiro samba school in Rio, states that these photos, in which she wears the schools colors, prove that, ” ever since childhood I liked Salgueiro!”

These photos of the “diva” are endearing her to fans around the world!

This year’s Carnaval seems to be even more anticipated than ever.  Last year, three schools, Grande Rio, Portela, and União da Ilha, lost much of their gear in a fire, just a day before the finals,  that destroyed $10 million of property in Samba City. Salguiero also witnessed disappointment when they ran out of time during the competition and failed to complete their routine.  So, even more than ever, schools are trying to win the competition.  Add the fact that winning any of these Carnavals leading up to the World Cup (2014) or the Olympics (2016) will provide increased publicity for the samba organizations and you can understand why the competition, and backstabbing (see, seems even more intense than ever.

Vivi’s popularity is central to Salgueiro’s continued image as the “stars of Carnaval”.



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