4 x 4, the most popular club for foreigners closed

The Brazilian police strike has hit Rio de Janeiro after beginning in Bahia last week. But as a possible show of force, the police raided 4×4, the massage parlor/club so popular with foreign travelers (and Brazilians).

Earlier this month, the city began forcing the women in the club to wear clothing in the bar area. Traditionally, women in termas would wear only bathing suits, thongs, etc.

Now the police have raided 4×4 closing it down indefinitely. We assume the club will be up and running again soon. The club raids have become quite routine in Rio beginning in 2011. There had always been raids of clubs where there was a suspicion of drug activity or the presence of under-aged females. But last year it seems the Rio police began raiding most clubs in Rio at some time or another. 4 x 4 received the most attention and still does. The difference between the pre-2011 raids is that the police no longer detain male patrons or IDs. Hopefully, this change means gentleman can feel safe visiting clubs again. For a while men feared being caught in a raid in Brazil and detained in a Brazilian jail for no reason. It seems the police are now focusing on club owners and leaving patrons alone.


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