Headed to SOCAL/Mexico

My Spring Break trip to Southern California and Baja California Mexico has begun.  I am currently getting rested up for an early morning flight in the Comfort Inn in Atlanta.  My flight departs tomorrow at 5:00am from Atlanta (ATL) to Charlotte (CLT) and then on to San Diego.

I will post pictures of my Atlanta room in a few hours.

Keep watching as there will be live video reports via the U-stream page:

My inflight plan is as follows, you know I always have a plan to enjoy the flight.

1. Downloaded episodes of the Cosby Show and Goodtimes to watch on the plane.

2. Wakeup at 4am to catch 4:3o am shuttle to the airport

3. Get through security and on the plane at 5am

4. sleep a bit, then order the Fruit and Cheese platter onboard.

Fruit and cheese platter $8

Fresh seasonal fruit paired with a trio of Brie, Cheddar and Gouda accompanied by Pepperidge Farm crackers, and dried mango and apple slices.

5. Arrive in SOCAL (or Southern California for the uninitiated) before 11am (remember there is a 3-hour difference between east and west coast U.S.)

6. Check into the motel, get a haircut.

7. Do a live video show in the hotel room.  The broadcast site is: http://www.ustream.tv/user/doc-hollywood


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