In Tijuana, Mexico for the day

I visited Tijuana, Mexico today.  There was lots of sunshine and many people out and about.  Tijuana is the border town adjacent to San Diego, CA.  Both cities are home to millions of people.  Many Mexicans travel back and forth between the two cities each day to work, making the border our busiest.  In fact, it took me two hours to get back across the border from Mexico 😦

Here are some short videos of my trip providing you with some views of the walk into and out of TJ.

Entering Tijuana Mexico.  This video shows the plaza you walk through after crossing the border into Mexico.
Many people use this footbridge to get from Tijuana to the U.S. border.  The bridge is relatively safe during the day, but extremely dangerous at night.  Late at night you should expect to be robbed!
In this video, I head back across the border.  You will see the mile long lines of pedestrians and motor vehicles.  There really needs to be some improvement of this system.  No American citizens should have to wait two hours to get back into their own country.

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