Eating in Tijuana

There are many attractive food options in Tijuana, Mexico.  There are even quite a few KFCs and McDonalds around.  But I, as a world traveler, always attempt to locate places where the locals eat.  About  ten years ago, I ran into Andy’s Fish Tacos.   The cook and owner, Andrew is a TJ fixture.  In the 80s and 90s, he worked as a street vendor, cooking tacos for people on there way to, or from, work.  Andy speaks English and is an all-around good person to know.

Today, I had the #3 combo: 2 Shrimp tacos and a beer/soda for $4.50.  The tacos come loaded with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions (not for me), mayo, and chili sauce.  Some of you might want, or need, to try the Viagra soup (It WORKS says Andy) for $4.99.  The Viagra soup consists of a healthy amount of seafood.

Watch the videos below to get an idea of the atmosphere in this TJ restaurant located on the walk from the border to downtown.

I did not get to shoot as much as I wanted because I was sitting right next to this burly male cop and his petite woman partner. There always seem to be cops in this place.  Even while I ate another cop burst in from the back door and sat down to eat.  And,  if you watch the last video, you will see that even after I returned 30 minutes later, there was another  cop car out front as one cop ran in to get some food.  hmmmm….. Well, at least, you will be safe in there!

Andy’s Fish Tacos in Tijuana, Mexico. This is where the Mexicans go to eat. English spoken here.

Andy gives me my shrimp tacos.  This is the number 3, two shrimp tacos and a beer/soda for $4.5.  Good eating.

Here are the 2 shrimp tacos in all their glory.

Exterior of Andy’s Fish Tacos in Tijuana


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