The Brazil Travel Center Show in the Dominican Republic

The Travel Center will broadcast live daily from the Dominican Republic throughout the month of May.  Daily reports from the beaches and the party scene on the islands.  We will be stationed in Sosua, Dominican Republic, a beach side town, settled by a large Jewish immigrant population.  There is still to this day a large ex-pat community of Europeans and Canadians in Sosua (increasingly Americans are finding out about this town, too).  SOSUA is the ultimate Caribbean party town!  I mean wasn’t Rush Limbaugh caught in a scandal down there?! !! LOL…

Here is a map of the town.  El Batey is the developed section of town, where the majority of tourists and ex-pats spend time and reside.  Los Charamicos is the more impoverished community.  We will be live from both areas.

The first show will be May 8. Check here, twitter, and Facebook for broadcast times.

Because of difficulties getting into the broadcast system, we will use our Doc Hollywood U-Stream network for live mobile broadcasting this time.  Here is the channel: DOC Hollywood live from the Dominican Republic.


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