Brazil’s poor performance in the 2012 Olympics

It is Saturday, which means there is one more week of Games remaining.  Brazil is ranked 17th in the medal count, with four medals in judo and two in swimming.

It is moments such as this one where we witness the still underdeveloped character of Brazilian society.  Brazil remains a fairly weak sports nation, with the noted exception of soccer (futebol).  But can a potential superpower continue to fail to achieve dominance in the sporting arena and expect other nations to respect them?  International sports competitions are under the surface really about politics.  Just consider the battles throughout the 1980s between the US and the USSR.  Each nation sought to prove its citizens stronger.

It takes money, skill, smarts, and patience to create an Olympic champion.  Dominating the medal count proves a nation’s viability.  Brazil has still yet to prove its ability to produce world champions in various sports.  Brazil is, perhaps, the country of the future, and perhaps it always will be…


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