Mexican border wait times (August 14-23, 2012)

One reason travelers who visit this blog state for avoiding Mexico is the difficulty one endures attempting to enter the United States after a visit. Because of the dearth of jobs in Mexico, droves of Mexican nationals leave daily to work in the U.S.; furthermore, students forgo the weak Mexican schools for those in America. All of this means border wait times can be unbearably long. Unfortunately, the California Border Patrol refuses to maintain separate lines for Americans and Mexicans. Years ago, I was told doing so would hurt feelings, despite the fact all other nations segregate border lines.

If you plan to visit Tijuana, do realize the border here is the busiest U.S. entry point. I once waited four hours! The average wait time is probably about two hours.

But for those who desire to just enter and leave quickly here are border wait times from this week.

Use the times below as a guide to taking care of business in mexico.

Wednesday got in line at 11:18am, entered the U.S. at 11:33am, a short 15 minute wait.

Friday got in line at 11:15am and entered the U.S. at 11:48, for 30 minute wait time.

Saturday got in line at 10:50am and entered the U.S. at 11: 55 for an hour wait time.

Monday, a traditionally busy border day, resulted in a 45 minute wait, arriving at 11:02am and getting back into the USA at 11:50am.

On Tuesday, I decided to push the envelope a bit by arriving and leaving Mexico a little later. I got into Mexico around 10am and got in line to return to the USA at 11:57am. There was no discernible line when I arrived. I was back on the USA side at 12:07pm, a mere 10 minutes.

On Thursday, I got in line at 12:03pm and was on the San Diego Trolley headed back into town at 12:37pm for a mere 30 minute wait at the border!
What I have learned is that leaving Mexico before the noon lunch rush is best. Also midweek is best to avoid crowds. Just get in and get out to avoid the usual two hour times that begin around 11:45 am.


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