Travel to Rio de Janeiro on a budget (re-post)

Rio de Janeiro was a relative bargain destination for most of the first decade of the 21st century. Flights were about $500 round trip from much of the USA back in 2002! One-bedroom apartments rented for $40/night, $50 during holiday periods! But all things change and Rio is no longer the place to sneak off to on a budget vacation; or, is it? The reality is that Rio is still a good bang for your buck. Given the price of hotels in the USA, you actually pay less for apartments in Rio. And, given that your apartment is usually located within the a block or two from world-class beaches and often have breath taking views of the mountains surrounding the city, the price is a bargain. Also remember, you do not pay taxes on apartments, so the price quoted is the price paid. In the USA, most cities impose 12 to 15 percent in taxes that increase the amount of your stay substantially.

We are experts at saving money on travel to exotic places and want to help you all get to Rio. You will find here some of best priced places to stay in Rio de Janeiro, as well as how to find cheap air tickets.

1. Getting there:
The best way to buy tickets to Rio de Janeiro is to use a consolidator. Consolidators usually specialize in a geographical area and buy tickets from the airline at a bulk price. In turn the consolidator sells the tickets to you at a cheaper price than the airline.

These are some of the best sites out there. If possible do try to buy tickets on the same airline whenever you travel because after 2 trips to Rio de Janeiro from the United States you will have accrured enough miles to achieve elite status on the airline and perhaps a free flight! Just be sure to sign up for the free, frequent flyer program that all the major airlines have and provide the number they give you whenever you fly. When you check in for the flight do make sure they have entered your number because at times the consolidators may forget to enter it.

Oh yeah, make sure you get a good seat on the plane by going to and seeing where your seat is located. If the seat is bad, call the airline and get another assigned, or go online to the airline website and change it yourself.

2. Where to Stay
Rio Beach Rentals

Rio Beach Rentals is run by an American with family in Brazil. Unlike many apartment renters, he places the prices on his site. You know that the price of your apartment will not be higher than that quoted on the site. He will even give repeat customers and those staying for long periods a discount. Many other sites do not list prices because they plan to high ball you if they can! The prices posted on Rio Beach Rentals are always set a bit lower than the common lowest asking prices in Rio. You will not find anything decent at a cheaper rate than at Rio Beach Rentals.

Do remember that the apartment rates quoted are the total. There are no taxes. So the $75 per night (or lower) you pay for the apartment is actually quite a bargain given the average price of a motel room in the USA is about $65 before taxes! And, in Rio you are often staying right on the beach in Copacabana!

I have stayed in this apartment pictured here quite a few times and can vouch that it is located right on the beach with awesome views of the beach and mountains!

You also visit to find a lower-priced apartment. Many of these places rent for about $700/month! The only real caveats I would add is that usually these apartments are outside the tourist zones and some of them do not have air conditioning.
Here are a couple of apartments I found on the site:
Great deal for apartment Lapa Rio!! in Rio de Janeiro.

Rents for $43/night and $700 or so per month!

Apartamento na Praia de Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro.

This apartment, located in Botafogo, a suburb adjacent to Copacabana, rents for $50 per night, and has air conditioning.


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