Viviane Araujo robbed in downtown Rio de Janeiro last Wednesday night

Ms. Araujo, queen of the Salgueiro samba school, was waiting in a car as she prepared to enter a movie theater premiering State of Exception. Vivi starred in the film and was there to promote the film’s opening night. In the movie, Vivi plays the role of a policeman’s wife.

According to Vivi, “I was in the car waiting to enter the festival and was assaulted. They stole my phone and my watch. I was not hurt and I do not think they recognized me. There were two guys with guns. I am still very nervous. They stole the purse of my aide, Deborah Martinez, with everything inside. This was the first time I was assaulted like this.”

Later she added, “It’s all right, thank God. My secretary came from home and brought the spare key. My aide is filling out the police report. I was just scared because they were armed.”

Strangely, Vivi got robbed a few days before this event when on Sunday, September 30, somebody stole her cell phone at a Gay Pride parade. No force was used in this earlier robbery, however.

Vivi immediately after the robbery. Photos taken by Monique Alvarez of EGO.

Vivi being followed by security as she heads to the theater entrance.


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