2013 Brazilian Carnival/Carnaval official Samba Songs for the Rio de Janeiro Special Group

In Rio de Janeiro the top Samba Schools compete annually for the right to be Champion of the Special Group, the pinnacle of Samba.

Currently there are twelve schools in this group. It is these schools that people pay hundreds of dollars to watch perform in the Samadromo each year. You will be able to watch the events live again this year via this website. Keep posted.

Lots of entries get turned down each year as each school wants the best song possible. Usually these sambas tell a story related to Brazilian history. It is a must for Brazilians to know the songs of their favorite school and as many others as possible.

You can get the 2013 Guide to Watching Carnaval Live Online now at:


Once you purchase the Guide for only $3, your internet browser will send you to the exclusive webpage with all the links to the 2013 Carnival from Brazil.  Hurry, Carnival begins on Thursday Feb. 7, 2013!
The Guide provides you with all the free weblinks of Brazilian TV and webcams from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro to allow you to watch all of Carnival online at home! We do this every year and enjoy it!

Here are the schools’ songs for 2013. Start learning them!




Grande Rio

Uniao Da Ilha Do Governador

Vila Isabel




Inocentes De Belford Roxo

Missing are Tijuca and Sao Clemente


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