Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend in Sao Paulo

Brazilians are big fans of formula one racing. People generally consider F1 racing to be the pinnacle of auto racing. Big money surrounds these races. The team that wins the annual car constructor championship for accumulating the most points based on race finishes receives benefits as a car constructor beyond anything most NASCAR fans could ever conceive. F1 is a money making sport.

There are two Brazilians participating in the race this year, Felipe Massa driving for the Ferrari team, and Bruno Senna driving for Williams-Renault. Massa hails from Sao Paulo and usually does well on his home track. Senna is the nephew of Aryton Senna, a three-time F1 world champion, who is revered in Brazil.


You can catch all the festivities on Speed TV! We will also post some links here to stream the race and qualifying online for those unable to access Speed TV or other source.

Practice 3 takes place at 8am ET on Saturday, November 24, 2012.
Qualifying takes place at 11am ET on Saturday, November 24, 2012. Qualifying is fast and furious consisting of three sessions all under 20 minutes in which the slowest drivers are “knocked out” and not allowed to compete in the next round. In the third round the last ten remaining drivers compete to start the race in the front of the grid, also known as pole position.

The race itself takes place on Sunday, November 25, 2012, at 11am ET. F1 races, by rule, cannot go over two hours and most finish the required number of laps well under that time. The Brazilian Grand Prix consists of 71 laps.

Felipe Massa of Ferrari

Here is the premier film about the life of Aryton Senna who was loved by millions and died in a crash that shocked the world.

By the way Ron Howard is directing a film entitled Rush, about Formula One racers, that will open in theaters in the Fall of 2013. This Hollywood film plus the return of F1 racing to the USA this year at last week’s Grand Prix of the USA (Austin, TX) proves the sport will soon be a fixture in American culture. Learn the sport now. You heard it here first!


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