Tijuana. The Mexican Border. Border crossing information.

The Border Patrol has once again altered the border crossing location into Mexico/Tijuana. Now, you must exit the trolley on the left side. Up until Sept. 27, you wanted to be on the last trolley and exit in the right side, then walk up the stairs to the bridge over Interstate highway 5 to reach Tijuana (TJ). Now, you need to walk towards and past the McDonalds (San Ysidro), and then enter a pathway that will take you into TJ.

DO not make the mistake of taking the bridge as there is NOBODY there to tell you NOT to do so. You will waste at least 30 minutes walking there and back!

The San Ysidro (border) McDonalds. This is a LARGE MCDs with a restaurant (of course), lots of seating (and I mean lots), a mailbox store, clothing store, etc.


The walkway to the Mexican border. Head this way after passing by McDonalds.

There is more information to come about vacationing in Mexico.


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