Top Ten Tourist/Party Spots in the African Diaspora 2013.

1. Rio De Janeiro
The perennial champion still tops the list. Rio offers a beautiful landscape of lush mountains, sandy beaches and rain forests! Rio is the party city of Brazil.

2. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
The cultural heart of Brazil. Black culture is the heart of Bahia.

3. Cartagena, Colombia
Up-and-coming city on our list. Located on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is an eclectic environment fusing African, Spanish and Native American cultures.

Hollywood Beach in Cartagena

4. New Orleans, Louisiana
Jazz and good food make the Big Easy a favorite. The South’s party town.

5. Mississippi Delta, Mississippi
Traditionally this region has had the highest percentage of blacks. Blues music invented here on the plantations. The jazz fests are great times to visit.

6. Accra, Ghana
Be sure to check out the coast and Elmina, the waiting station for slaves headed to the Americas.

7. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

8. Port au Prince Haiti

9. Panama City, Panama

10.Cali, Colombia
Every Colombia city possesses its own flavor. In Cali, the vibe is Salsa. People consider Cali the Salsa capital of the world!

honorable mention:
1. Limon, Costa Rica.

2. Barranquilla, Colombia


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