The Key to Learning All About Brazilian Culture While Saving Money to Visit


Anyone who wants to understand Brazil should first learn about Carnival.

Carnival, that five-day period in which Brazilians and their visitors from around the world take to the streets to dance and celebrate, is a major part of the culture. Everyone, from all walks of life, participates in the activities. This is one chance for the people to interact on equal footing, regardless of wealth, job or family background.


The Problem

Do you want to visit Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Bahia for Carnival? Do you want to soak up all the local culture that you can? Of course, you do.

But, wait; for many, it is now too expensive to travel to Brazil. You have waited too long to get a cheap plane ticket.

The Solution

Fortunately, you can still enjoy all the festivities hassle-free from Brazil online from home. This way, you can save your money for next year. Watching Brazilian Carnival online will motivate you to begin planning a trip in time to enjoy the massive discounted airfares available. Therefore, this is a win-win situation for you in all ways.

All you have to do is check back here in February when we will make available for a few dollars the Guide to Watching Brazilian Carnival Online for Free (Instant Download). This guide has information on the parade times, participating samba schools and weblinks to view online.


Brazil is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. See with your own eyes the pageantry that is the Carnival. Then, go to Brazil yourself later in 2015 or in 2016 (Olympic year).

2015 Carnival is February 12 (evening) to February 17 (Fat Tuesday).



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