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Live Free Abroad Cryptocurrency ebook

Got crypto and want to move abroad? This ebook is for people who work online, trade cryptocurrencies, teach English, etc., and are ready to make the move to another culture.

To order via Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin, just send an email to inglesbrasil05@gmail.com. Tell us your method of preferred payment (BTC, LTC or DOGE) and we will respond with your unique payment voucher.

The ebook link will be sent via email as soon as we receive payment.


0.08 Litecoins (LTC)

0.001 Bitcoins (BTC)

5000 Dogecoins (DOGE)

You learn:

Table of Contents

Introduction. What is Freedom?

Working and Earning Income

  1.    Internet Marketing
  2.    Teaching
  3.    Copywriting
  4.    Binary Options (currency) Trading
  5.    Preaching, Weddings, Baptisms
  6.   Travel Agent

III. Where to Live?

  1.    Brazil
  2.    Colombia
  3.    Japan
  4.    Mexico
  5.    Dominican Republic
  6.    Costa Rica

Communicating with home




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Traveling the world. Becoming a Freedom-preneur. See the world

Lots of people ask me how they can get out of the nine-to-five lifestyle and live free. These people want to travel but cannot because of all the problems that come along with the modern working life. Well, today, I want to mention some people who helped inspire me to achieve my dreams of seeing the world through travel. All of these people love to travel and do so extensively. Moreover, they all have found ways to earn money while on the road.

You can find out about some ways to travel to Brazil and other parts of the world while earning income here: http://my4hourworkweek.weebly.com/

The Unstoppable Family has been traveling the world ever since they lost it all when the real estate bubble burst a few years ago. Brian Swan, Rhonda Swan, and their daughter Hanalei, are the “Unstoppable Family”. They have set out to prove that you do not have to be beholden to lots of material things that can be lost in an instant. Instead, they are proving that being free to learn about the world with those you love is what life is all about. http://www.UnstoppableFamily.com

Here they are in Rio de Janeiro and Pipa last year:

Jubril Agoro, a.k.a. “Mr. Think Outside the Box” has been traveling the world continuously for the last four years. He got involved in marketing at the age of 17 and now in his mid twenties he is free to travel the globe. Jubril is the man behind many, many of the top brands in the internet marketing world.
This guy is an internet celebrity! Click here for a link to his personal video of his life story.

Here is Jubril in Thailand.

And, last but not least,is our own Doc Hollywood. Be sure to check out his book on Latin American travel:


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