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New Years Eve in Brazil Live

Live transmission begins around midnight Rio time.


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Why You Should Travel to Rio de Janeiro for Christmas

People often state that Christmas, or any other religious holiday for that, matter is a boring time to be traveling alone in Latin America.

I spent Christmas 2002 in Rio de Janeiro and did not notice much of a difference from other times of the year.

Sure, a few businesses were closed. Some clubs closed for two weeks before the actual holiday. However, most restaurants and social venues remained open.

On Christmas Day, I actually expected the worst. A ghost town, for sure. Instead, there were other tourists milling about Copacabana all day. Most popular bars and restaurants opened by the evening.

Therefore, if you have plans to go to Rio during the holidays, do not let negative stories online thwart your desires. I was there through Christmas and New Years of 2002 and had a blast.

She was in Rio for Christmas!


You should know that the stories about Rio being dead are false because on New Years Eve, millions of people congregate on the beach.  Where do they come from, if nobody is in town?

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New years Eve from Brazil. Watch New Years Eve live online free from Brazil (Rio Janeiro and Sao Paulo)

***Live coverage has ended. They still have the news video of the fireworks over Copacabana Beach online via the link below.  Do remember that this site will make available all the live TV links to Carnaval in Bahia, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.  Over 10,000 people used The Brazil Travel Center Blog as their source for viewing Brazilian Carnaval last year.  Be sure to keep visiting this site for more information.  ***

Live TV From Copacabana Beach in Rio:

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Live TV coverage from Sao Paulo:

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The webcam is up and  running now:


Rio de Janeiro.  You should be able to see the fireworks display at 12am Rio time from Copacabana Beach, which is on the right side of the screen.

Downtown San Paulo:


View from above Sao Paulo:


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New Years Eve (Reveillon) is the next big event in Rio/Copacabana

If you have not had the chance to be on Copacabana Beach for the New Years fireworks festival you have missed one of life’s most treasure experiences. New York City and Times Square have nothing on the atmosphere in Brazil. The Beach is filled with people everywhere, all there to enjoy the New Year. Nobody seems to have a care in the world, and why should they? It is truly magical!

We are working on getting a live feed from Brazil on New Years Eve and will keep you posted.

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New Years Eve in Copacabana

I was in Rio once for New Years Eve and can attest that the sight is amazing. Seeing the people and the festivities on the beach in Copacabana is a once in a lifetime experience. Here is footage from Rio news of last year’s festivities. Sorry Robert de Niro, but New York is not the place to be on New Years Eve (still go see the new movie). There is no comparison to Rio!

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