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Live Free Abroad Cryptocurrency ebook

Got crypto and want to move abroad? This ebook is for people who work online, trade cryptocurrencies, teach English, etc., and are ready to make the move to another culture.

To order via Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin, just send an email to inglesbrasil05@gmail.com. Tell us your method of preferred payment (BTC, LTC or DOGE) and we will respond with your unique payment voucher.

The ebook link will be sent via email as soon as we receive payment.


0.08 Litecoins (LTC)

0.001 Bitcoins (BTC)

5000 Dogecoins (DOGE)

You learn:

Table of Contents

Introduction. What is Freedom?

Working and Earning Income

  1.    Internet Marketing
  2.    Teaching
  3.    Copywriting
  4.    Binary Options (currency) Trading
  5.    Preaching, Weddings, Baptisms
  6.   Travel Agent

III. Where to Live?

  1.    Brazil
  2.    Colombia
  3.    Japan
  4.    Mexico
  5.    Dominican Republic
  6.    Costa Rica

Communicating with home




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Need a Brazilian phone number. Get one now!

Skype stopped providing online Brazilian phone numbers around 2010. I remember because I needed one when I was staying in Rio de Janeiro.

Now Skype has continued its phone service. If you need a Brazilian number I suggest you jump on this opportunity now.

All you have to do is set up a skype account. The under settings click “online number”. Skype allows you to choose in which country you want a number. Choose “Brazil” and then the number! There is a nominal charge per month.

Now people in Brazil can call you locally and you can answer via your phone or via mobile device using the skype mobile app.

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How to make calls while traveling internationally (2012 update)

I have written at least two times over the past three years about international phone calls.  I still remember the bad old days in 2002 and 2003 when travelers still had to pay by the minute to use a phone inside a booth.  Not knowing the international phone code for the USA (it is 1, by the way) I wasted plenty of money attempting to call home from abroad.  Things have improved significantly and our communications IQs have risen steadily.

So after you pick up my forthcoming book on Latin America travel, buy your ticket, and arrange accommodations, the next step is planning how to communicate.

Here are some of the best ways to maintain communications with home, job, and friends while on the road:

1. SKYPE.  The online phone service is basically free and requires no further technology than your laptop, andriod cellphone, or IPOD/IPHONE.  On your laptop, just visit http://www.skype.com/intl/en/home and download the program.  A skype login icon will appear on your computer desktop.  For the others just visit the application store and click download!

Skype allows you to call other skype users for free, so tell all your friends to set up account s, too.  You can also find friends who already have skype accounts by their name or email address.  If you have a video cameras you will be able to see your contact!

Skype has lots of other options.  For example, you can place a few dollars on your account and call any number in the world for a few cents per minute.   You can also set up a skype phone number that will allow answer when people dial that number.  For IPOD or Andriod MP3 users this function is especially valuable.

2. Magic Jack.  The original Magic Jack is a hardware device you place in your computer’s USB port.  There is a subscription fee ($25-20 dollars) you pay. You then receive free calls to the U.S.A. and Canada.  Well, NOW you can bypass all of that by just downloading the Magic Jack application for the IPhone/Ipod Touch, Andriod, etc., for FREE.

You can then set up a Magic Jack account, receiving an actual phone number!
Or, you can just keep using the Magic Jack application on your phone, IPod, etc., as a guest for FREE. Free calls to the USA and Canada.

3. International cell phones.

If your travels require an actual cellphone or you want one as standby, then I suggest Telestial Cell Phones.  They provide low-cost phones and excellent global coverage.

Visit their site here: Click here for more information

4. Checking your Voicemail while abroad. Your home cell phone may not work in other countries. Cellphones use radio frequencies and not all countries use the same bands. But you can still check your home phone’s inbox while abroad. All you have to do is call your phone from your skype account, free magic jack, etc., and then when your phone answers press either the # or * key (it is usually the # key), and then you will be prompted to enter the password you usually use to listen to your voice mail!


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Skype Offers Free Wi-Fi At Airports For The Holidays

Skype – The Big Blog – Skype Connects U.S. Travelers with Free Skype WiFi this Holiday Season.

Click the above link for the more than 50 airports where skype will provide free wireless internet access.

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Making calls while traveling! Skype and Telestial

Long distance calls can be expensive. When travelling, if you have access to a computer it is best to use it to call home. If you are overseas, using the computer to call home is your best option.

Skype is probably the best system. Calls from your computer to another computer are free. Calls from your computer to a phone vary, but inside the US, it is around 2 cents a minute.

Click this link to download skype for free: Skype 4.2 for Windows – Download the latest version of Skype and get free computer calls.

After you download skype just click on the skype icon and a menu table will open up. Go to “add contact” and type in a friend’s email address and if they are on skype their skype name will appear. Click on that name and call them for free.

If you have a webcam you can turn it on and your callers will be able to see you. If they have a webcam you can see them. All of this is free.

If you still need a phone and are travelling internationally, I suggest Telestial. Their phones are relatively inexpensive.
Visit their site here: Click here for more information


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